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                                                  Breast Cancer Champions!
                              Motto:No Woman Walks Alone! 
Nikao Imani Productions's Objective: To Restore, Renew, Redeem, Rejuvenate, Inspire, Motivate, Educate, Entertain, Edutain and  and to Reclaim life with fullness from Breast Cancer and other Cancer catastrophic ailments to full potential, with power and purpose via theatrical productions and the gift baskets!
Nikao Imani Productions's Mission/Goals:  To distribute gift baskets and produce theatrical productions that will enlighten the community that all illnesses are not a death sentence but a wake call to wellness. We aim to use our resources to bring awareness and make all proactive.  We strive to promote early detection is crucial for complete recovery or prevention.  We strive to be a proponent for other organizations that are aligning with our mission and goals.  Raising awareness is the best defense for early detection of breast cancer!  "Each one reach one, and that one will teach another"!
The Traveling Angel Gift Baskets! We are grateful for our many sponsors who have been instrumental in support of our Mission!                 
  Sponsors:  Target, 99 Cents Only, Sprouts, Trader Joe's, Ralph's Supermarket, Whole Foods, Oriental Trading
Below are some of our recipients of the Angel Gift Basket along with A Night of R&B Honoring 11 Breast Cancer Champions!
"Bunch of Love!"                              "Beautiful!"  


The Traveling Angels Gift Baskets have been distributed to Breast Cancer Champions ranging from current, to one month thru twenty five plus years. We are proud to have our sponsors support us in this cause.  The purpose of these baskets are to bring light into a dark place, bringing a smile to a face, and give life to a broken spirit!   This holistic gift basket includes food items, toiletries, literature and drinks

Nikao Imani Productions most recent theatrical productions for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October 15-26, 2015 at Grove Theatre Center, Burbank, Ca and was well received by every audience..  Our productions are designed to promote, educate and enhance the community at large.  Our motto is "no woman left alone or walks alone".  See Reviews below:

                              "And Still I Rise: For The Rainbow Ladies Who Chose Life When Death Knocked"!          


             "And Still I Rise-For The Rainbow Ladies Who Chose Life When Death Knocked!"

                  "And Still I Rise-For The Rainbow Ladies Who Chose Life When Death Knocked!"
A dramedy
journey with singing, dancing and acting about living life to the fullest no matter what!! 
These are true Breast Cancer Stories and depict how these ladies became victorious from the pit to the mountaintop written and directed by EPMcKnight, a Breast Cancer Champion!  


I just want to say how much I enjoyed seeing your show this past weekend.  You did a beautiful job in telling the individual stories of the struggles and victories that can come with breast cancer. I am so glad I came. BRAVO! Chris
Thank you for inviting me to see your play!  My sister and I had a great time.  What inspiring stories of survival.  And I appreciate you calling in to the radio show on Sunday. Your entire cast called in too!Wishing you the best of luck with your production going forward. Kind Regards, Tracie Kimbrough--Making Strides 
It was a pleasure meeting you woman of God as well. We really enjoyed the show and the cast. You're an amazing woman and Champion. I pray that God will bless all your endeavors.Thank you, Shannon 
FYI:  Comments from our UBN-the Larry Yates Show  Interview yesterday!! 
Hi Larry, Just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed the show and thought the conversation although about a very serious issue was handled so beautifully.  The ladies had great spirit and warmth and delivered important information in a wonderful upbeat manner.  You, as usual was your wonderful moderator self.I especially thought that EP McKnight saying that she is a "Champion" and a "Warrior" showed her great strength and I am a proponent of women being and staying strong.  I wish her much success with her writing and all that  she endeavors to do.
They were a great support group and just what a lot of women need.  Warm and fuzzy was how I thought about them.....it was if they were sending out a big, warm hug to everyone. Best Elaine
This is one of those times when words seem inadequate.  How can I ever thank you enough for including my story in your deeply moving play?  I had no expectations and was completely blown away by the heartfelt performance.  You're just luck I didn't begin ugly crying with animal noises.  I was almost at the point.  I cannot remember the tears flowing so freely before, especially in public. Most days I tuck those memories away.  Hearing someone else share my journey in the first person was incredibly surreal.  In an unexpected way it proved to be a cathartic experience.  Nicki B. 
So glad our paths crossed at "And Still I Rise" a few weeks ago.  You are a radiant woman with a will to change the world for the better! I am honored. Ramela A.

"And Still I Rise-The Rainbow Ladies Who Chose Life When Death Knocked" premiered at Grove Theater Center, Burbank, CA.  Please donate and become a supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness and Cure today. Your support will help many to get care that they may not have had access to otherwise.   You may donate as little as five dollars, $5.00 and as much as $5000.00, every dollars count and makes a difference and your reward to humanity is priceless.  Together we can be instrumental in saving a life or two.  One can fight the battle but two or more will win the war and that is with YOU!   

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